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Alexandria Feds Out of Kentucky Demonstration Write Up

Posted by The Shadow on May 30, 2015 at 11:40 PM

Today, members from the Kentucky League of the South held a demonstration in Alexandria Kentucky in Campbell county, at the intersection of Alexandria Pike and Main Street.  In addition to the Kentuckians that attended, we also had several folks from Ohio, as well as one man who drove up from central Alabama to stand with us.  This was by far our largest demonstration yet, totaling out at 14 people attending.

We had an overwehlming positive response to our demonstration.  Demonstrators held up signs saying "Secede to survive" and "Feds Out of Kentucky".  We had very few negative responses.  Most the people that stopped by to talk completely supported our message and agreed Kentucky should have the right to govern its own affairs, completely independent from the US federal government.

At noon, we drove down the rode a bit and had dinner at a local restaurant.  The servers inquired about the League and our message, and were very supportive when we told them who we were and what we stood for.  They invited to come back and hold local meetings there in the future, something we will most certainly take them up on!

Kentuckians are fed up with federal overreach and are looking for a solution.  Washington DC does not care about supporting Kentucky's workers or protecting our culture, faith, and values.  The GOP has continually let us down, and people here are looking for another solution.  

That solution is Southern nationalism.  #secede


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Reply Hank III
4:09 PM on June 4, 2015

OMG! You guys are Neo-Nazis? I thought you were Southrons. Go back to Nazi Germany.
Reply The Shadow
11:09 PM on June 4, 2015 
Hank III says...

OMG! You guys are Neo-Nazis? I thought you were Southrons. Go back to Nazi Germany.

First I love how you are basing your accusations against us by using a source from a vehemently anti-Christian, anti-Southern website. LOL. Check your sources.

While there may be individual folks with different ideas in the League of the South, we have NEVER, and NEVER WILL BE a national socialist organization. Not everyone that attended the rally was a League member either- we simply invited anyone who agreed with our message of states' rights, traditional values, and an independent Kentucky to join us in opposing the feds. This was not a joint protest with any other organization, despite what your 'friends' at the ADL would tell you.