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Secede From Obamaland Demonstration

Posted by The Shadow on June 1, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Below is a write up of our 'Secede From Obamaland' Demonstration which took place in the towns of Carrollton and Warsaw KY on May 31st, 2014:

On Saturday May 31st, we arrived in Carrollton, a small town around 3500 people along the Ohio River. We hit the streets with our 'Secede to Survive' and 'Feds Out of Kentucky' signs and our Kentucky and Southern Nationalist flags. Three of us from the Kentucky League of the South were there, and we were joined by a couple from Indiana and a gentleman from Illinois, and around 10:30, another man from Florence, Kentucky showed up and joined us as well. We had no negative responses from the people of Carrollton. Many people honked their horns or gave us a thumbs up when they drove by. Several people stopped to talk with us and took some Free Magnolias with them. 

At noon, we went to a local restaurant in Carrollton, and then drove down the road to Warsaw Kentucky, a town of about 1500, also located on the Ohio River. We received many positive responses here as well, except one man dressed as a gangster hurled profanity at us as he drove by. Fortunately, he was the odd one out, as most of the people in Warsaw who saw our message were supportive.

It is also worth mentioning during our demonstration in Warsaw, some residents were moving furniture out of a nearby building and one of our activists sprung into action and helped them move the furniture into a truck. Our activist pointed out no matter what those people may have heard about the League from a leftist source like the SPLC, they now have a positive view of us. He compared it to something Golden Dawn, the leading Greek Nationalist Party, would do.

Overall, despite our small numbers, we had a very successful demonstration. A very good first event for the Kentucky League of the South. We will be holding another demonstration sometime in late July in the eastern part of the state. Information on the next demonstration will be released shortly!

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